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Wholesale Turf is the largest national distributor of artificial turf.

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Artificial Turf at Wholesale Prices

As the largest national distributor of artificial turf, focuses on quality and technology for all of its products. Our synthetic grass products are sold and distributed on a large nationwide scale to supply the rising requests for turf. With this growing demand for our products, Wholesale Turf is always seeking new quality turf specialists who desire a superior product to compliment their installation process. We are a large-scale leader in the distribution of the latest synthetic grass products. With its main focus on artificial turf installation companies, we are able to offer competitive wholesale pricing and revolutionary technology. We seek to prove that not all synthetic grass is equal in today�s market. We offer only the best in quality and technology for installation companies who seek the most superior turf products. We believe in maintaining this quality all the way down to the consumer. Wholesale Turf will happily answer any questions or inquiries to educate our customers. It is important that potential customers invest in turf that not only looks good, but performs to the utmost standards, surpassing that of other competitors in today�s market. Look to Wholesale Turf for these unsurpassable standards.

S-Seam: The Undetectable Seam Integration Tool

As the synthetic turf industry progresses, turf has become plusher over the years and seams become more challenging for installers. Turf often forms a "Mohawk" affect at the seams.

With the new Superseam tool, your Mohawk seam days are over! This S-shaped tool allows you to achieve a seamless appearance in four easy steps. To learn more about the S-Seam and the Superseam tool, click here.